Recent Drury graduate combined copywriting, social media skills for a job at LivingSocial

“People my age didn’t grow up using social media, but we grew with it.”
Ellen Ennes, 2011 Drury graduate.

When 24-year-old Ellen Ennes began her college career at Drury in the fall of 2007, social media was just getting started. Twitter was only a year old and Facebook had only been open to anyone over the age of 13 for a year. Now, six years removed from the start of her freshman year of college, Ennes actually works in social media as a copywriter for the deals website LivingSocial.

2011 Drury graduate Ellen Ennes

“Drury was ahead of the curve when it comes to social media,” Ennes said. “I credit the media writing class I took as a sophomore because my professor Jonathan Groves made everyone get a Twitter account and we had to tweet.”

During her senior year at Drury, Ennes began following LivingSocial on Twitter and actually tweeted this message to LivingSocial, “I’m envious of your job. This is a great account to manage.”

A few months later, Ennes said she was looking at pages and pages of job listings and saw an ad for a job at LivingSocial, “I immediately applied at 2 o’clock in the morning,” Ennes said.

It wasn’t long before Ennes received a response, was asked for writing samples and took a writing test, then, she was flown to LivingSocial headquarters in Washington, D.C. She’s been with LivingSocial for two years now where she works, literally, within sight of the White House. As an added bonus, she’s close to her parents who live in Maryland.

Ennes’s professors saw her potential in the growing field early on, “Ellen immediately understood the power and potential of social media,” said Dr. Regina Waters, chair of the communication department. “She posts interesting content and engages others in her networks. I’m not surprised that LivingSocial hired her for her copywriting skills.”

Now, Ennes puts her Drury degree to use writing advertisements, direct mail pieces, billboards, radio ads, and social media posts. “I came to Drury because it had an advertising major and it was far less expensive than the schools I was considering in the Northeast,” Ennes said. “I received a Trustee Scholarship at Drury, which covered my tuition and I’m so thankful I got out of college without any debt. Many of my friends are dealing with some huge college bills.”

Ennes considers herself lucky in other ways, too:  living in D.C. she doesn’t need a car, she lives with three other young professionals in the heart of the city, she can walk or ride her bike to work, she’s surrounded by government workers in suits while she wears jeans to work, and Ennes counts her co-workers as some of her best friends.

“I love what I’m doing and the people I work with. Now, I want to get really good at my craft and develop a portfolio I can be really proud of,” Ennes said.


Story by Mark Miller, associate director of marketing and communications at Drury.