Drury’s graduate program in criminal justice is recognized as one of the best in the nation

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., June 25, 2013 — The website Masters Degree Online has recognized Drury University’s Master of Criminal Justice as one of the top 50 programs in the country.

The website said this about Drury’s program, “Drury University provides a Master of Science in Criminal Justice that is ideal for those seeking a smaller school with personalized attention. Classes are taken in the evenings and online, and the program is designed for easy access to those already working in criminal justice. Research in Criminology and Terrorism are emphasized, giving the school a well-known reputation for expertise on these subjects.”

“It is gratifying to get external recognition for the quality of Drury’s graduate program in criminal justice,” said Dr. Jana Bufkin, director of the graduate program in criminology and criminal justice. “Beyond opportunities in local and state law enforcement, corrections, and child/adolescent services; a master’s degree in criminal justice opens doors for employment in an array of federal agencies, as well as private companies. Moreover, the demand for professionals with an educational background in criminal justice will continue to grow.”

According to its website, Masters Degree Online was created to promote discussion about higher education as a whole as well as to provide information to those looking for a way to begin their graduate program.  The goal of this ranking is to help prospective and current students gain information about the many options they have for a distinctive graduate educational experience. It provides succinct but valuable information in an easy to use format, allowing those who are searching for graduate schools to view the strengths of each individual program.