SIVA showcases work by students set to earn Master of Arts degrees

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., July 28, 2014 — The public can see a diverse array of artwork from Drury University’s Summer Institute for Visual Arts (SIVA) this weekend during a thesis exhibition by graduating students and an open studios event.

Since 2007, SIVA has offered students an opportunity to earn a Master of Arts degree by working alongside visiting artists in a critically driven environment. Participants study under the guidance of visiting artist fellows, faculty and staff, who provide first-hand understanding of contemporary art issues. The program – a unique model in the Midwest – allows students to earn a Master of Arts in Studio Art and Theory over the course of three two-month summer sessions.

MART Thesis Exhibition

A thesis exhibition of artwork created this summer by students graduating from the MA in Studio Art and Theory (MART) program will be held from 7 to 10 p.m., Friday, Aug. 1 at the Drury on C-Street Gallery, 233. E. Commercial St., with additional hours from 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 2.

The MART Thesis Exhibition is the culminating event of the three-summer program in which students explore and develop a self-directed, intensive studio practice. Work presented in the Thesis Exhibition is wide-ranging in form, material and theme, and reflects a curriculum that supports multidisciplinary and individualized approaches. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the work of an imaginative and innovative group of emerging artists in the region.

This year’s MART Thesis Exhibition features work by: Suzanne Axon, Matej Baran, Carlynn Forst, Jan Gill, Thomas Primm, Jennifer Rice, Dina Shisler, Bill Shultz, Kelli Stricklin and Lee VonAllmen.

SIVA Open Studios

SIVA Open Studios will be held from 1 to 5 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 2 at the Pool Art Center, 940 N. Clay St. Open Studios is a new annual event that opens up the Summer Institute for Visual Arts to the public and features work from all participants. It is an exciting opportunity to meet the program’s vibrant and diverse community of artists, witness their process, and see what work has been created during the summer.

More information about SIVA can be found at Photos showing the wide array of creativity at work during SIVA are being uploaded regularly at


Summers are filled with artistic creativity in Drury’s MART

Tapping into creativity can be a fun, challenging process, and, when it happens, the results are rewarding. Tom Parker, an Emeritus professor of Art and Art History at Drury, established artist, and Program Director of the Master of Arts in Studio Art and Theory (MART) encourages people to explore their imaginations and creative capabilities every summer. Beginning its sixth year, MART is a 30 credit hour graduate degree taught only in the summer. Faculty and artists of diverse backgrounds and experiences come from all over the nation to teach students and push their imaginations.

MART student Allison Simmons at work

The MART program is open to anyone with an undergraduate degree who has commitment and is focused on bringing art to life. Some students come in without any art background and leave with exceptional portfolio pieces. “It is all about drive and desire to learn,” said Parker. “We don’t differentiate between experiences and knowledge. Students are becoming artists, often for the first time.” Those that complete the program, which takes three summers, are able to launch into professional artistic careers or use their degrees and portfolio pieces to gain admission into Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs.

“Having the Master’s Degree will afford me a higher salary as a teacher,” said Mary Resz Weston, a 2012 MART graduate. “But more importantly, having the experience and knowledge gained from the MART program will make me a more thoughtful, skilled, and capable artist for the rest of my life.”

Tom Parker (right) with MART graduate Meganne Rosen

Parker says that Drury’s MART is the only one of its kind in the Midwest. When developing MART, Parker met with an advisory council complied of faculty from the best fine arts graduate schools from across the nation. Beyond the curriculum offered in the program, it’s the collaboration between faculty and fellow students that can prove to be the most valuable. “I wasn’t even sure how to do much of the physical, structural work that was required to make some of my sculptures happen,” said Resz Weston. “But any time I got stuck, I had 3 or 4 teachers near that knew exactly how to make my ideas work. I had 3 or 4 other teachers who would walk through and offer ideas and critique, each day. And I had a dozen fellow students who gave me feedback through my creative process and were willing to help with the hard labor during installation.”

At the end of each two-month summer session, students’ work is showcased at Drury’s Pool Art Center. At the end of it all, students gain an ability to turn ideas into reality. “It is fulfilling to go through the entire challenge,” Parker said. “When students finish, they have pushed themselves to think beyond ideas floating in their heads. They give ideas a reason to belong to the world. They give ideas life.”


Story by Amber Perdue, a May 2013 Drury graduate.

Art Show Friday, August 5 featuring works by Drury graduate students

Springfield, Mo., July 28, 2011–Drury University presents the fourth annual Master of Studio Art and Theory Candidates’ Exhibition showcasing artwork created this summer by current graduate students enrolled in the program. The exhibition is part of the First Friday Art Walk on August 5, and will take place at Drury’s Pool Art Center and the Diversity Center from 6-9 p.m.

The Drury University Summer Institute for Studio Art and Art Theory (MART) offers coursework leading to a 30-hour post-baccalaureate degree, with a focus on students’ development of a creative artistic trajectory capable of reaching beyond the MART experience into future endeavors.

The exhibition features work by graduating students: Kristen Atkinson, Jennifer Glenn, Andrew Parsons and Meganne Rosen O’Neal.

The exhibition also features work from second year students: Mary Beth Ely, Tammy Crabtree, Adrienne Murray, Susan Putnam, Paula Rosen, Jennifer Rowe, Roy Scherer, Jason Skinner, Mary Weston and Michelle Woolery. In addition, work by first year students Dax Bedell, Melissa Briggs, Steven Buck, John Cazort, Katie Derrickson, Jessica Jones, Christopher Kaspar, Catherine Russel, Jolie Russel and Steven Spencer will also be on display.

Drury graduate students have explored a wide variety of media and themes this summer. Works are on display throughout the Pool Art Center at 940 Clay Street and at the Diversity Center at Historic Washington Avenue Baptist Church at the Corner of Drury Lane and Bob Barker Boulevard.

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