Drury University faculty accomplishments – Fall 2015 roundup

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., October 21, 2015 — Drury University faculty accomplishments are numerous so far this semester. Drury professors are teacher-scholars who conduct meaningful research and engage with the community around them, giving their students a chance to participate in and benefit from their scholarly work. Here are just a few highlights of publications, research and accolades by faculty members in recent weeks.


  • Nancy Chikaraishi, Professor: Chikaraishi’s series of artworks centering on the experience of her parents and other Japanese-Americans interned at the Rohwer camp in Arkansas during WWII inspired the production of “Life Interrupted” by Core Dance. Visit www.thebackstagebeat.com for more on the production.

Art & Art History:

  • Rebecca Miller, Associate Professor: Miller’s archival pigment print Dear Alfred #18 was accepted into the special web exhibition for the 2015 Photo Review International Photography Competition.

Behavioral Science:

  • Dr. Jennifer Silva Brown, Associate Professor of Psychology: Silva Brown’s chapter “On Tornados: Storm Exposure, Coping Styles and Resilience” was included in the book Traumatic Stress and Long-Term Recovery: Coping with Disasters and Other Negative Life Events. Her chapter was based on research results related to the Joplin Impact Project.


  • Dr. Gary Holmes, Associate Professor: Holmes will attend the Society of Marketing Advances Annual Educators Conference in San Antonio, Texas to present “Millennials’ Attitudes Concerning Traditional Classroom Resources” with senior Jordan Smith and May 2015 graduate Morgan Young.


  • Dr. Curt Gilstrap, Associate Professor: Gilstrap and graduate student Brian Hendershot’s study, “E-Leaders and Uncertainty Management: A Computer-Supported Qualitative Investigation” was accepted in Qualitative Research Reports in Communication.


  • Dr. Kris Wiley, Assistant Professor: Wiley has written two chapters in the book The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children: What Do We Know? for the National Association for Gifted Children.


  • William Garvin, Director of the Olin Library: Garvin was named as a trustee on the Springfield-Greene County Library Board, and he will present to the Missouri Association for Museums and Archives at the annual conference this month in Columbia, Mo.

Political Science:

  • Dr. Dan Ponder, L.E. Meador Professor: Ponder co-authored “Public Opinion and Democratic Party Ownership of Prosperity: The Political Legacy of the Great Depression, 1955-2013” published in one of the leading peer-reviewed American politics journals – American Politics Research.